Surdex GSI

SGSI is a developer of Remote Sensing Platforms and an integrator of Remote Sensing Technologies meeting the demands of First Responders by providing a suite of imaging, remote sensing, data transfer and automated processing tools critical to the needs of Emergency Management Decision Makers across North America.  Through SGSI and our Partner’s efforts we strive to provide better and timelier data to support the decision maker on the ground resulting in faster and safer responses to natural and man-made disasters.
  Since 1954, our Parent company Surdex has served clients from the Federal, State, County, Municipal, and Private Sector, helping them meet their imaging, remote sensing, mapping, and other geospatial data needs.  Recognizing the increasing need and demand for timely and accurate geospatial data sets to support the First Responder, in both natural and man-made disasters, Surdex developed the concept of an airborne platform, based on the Raytheon King Air 350 and Aerospatiale ATR-42, capable of meeting the wide variety of remote sensing needs required to assist the decision making process of the Emergency Manager by integrating a variety of sensors into one delivery system.